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At Zerega we’ve turned the craft of pasta-making into an art, with a dedication that dates back nearly 200 years. A subsidiary of Philadelphia Macaroni Company, Zerega is America’s leading producer of pasta for foodservice—from angel hair to ziti and every pasta in between.

A Singular Focus on Hundreds of


Americans love pasta. In fact, over half of Americans eat pasta at least once a week. At Zerega, we have the capacity for over 800 million pounds of dry pasta each year, in over 300 varieties, for operators across the country. And it’s all we do.

Zerega offers more pasta shapes and sizes than any other maker. But that's not enough; working side-by-side with the country's most innovative restaurants, our pasta is perfected to the ideal shape, size, and texture.

Our product packaging runs from 4 oz. up to 1,600 lbs., and we offer a 24-hour sample service for any stock shape. While our facilities are equipped for high-volume production, we can produce relatively short runs of specialized shapes at costs comparable to standard pasta. Our focus is your fulfillment, so let us know how we can help you serve your customers.

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    A Well-Rounded Process
    for All Shapes and Sizes

    Pasta is one of the most versatile foods in the world, and we are one of the world’s most versatile pasta producers. Zerega’s process facilities are at the forefront of pasta technology. Our national distribution network fulfills orders anywhere in the country.

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    Responsive & Ready to Serve

    What you need.
    When you need it.

    When you’re ready to introduce a new dish, you want to get it to market as soon as possible. We not only work with you to develop the right shape and size needed for your dish, we’re able to provide a quick turnaround time on production.


    Starting from Scratch

    The highest-quality pasta starts with the highest-quality ingredients. All of our pasta features durum wheat that’s milled to produce golden semolina and durum flour. Some of our pasta includes ingredients like whole wheat, organic semolina, hard-spring wheat, eggs, and natural flavorings. Most Zerega pasta is also enriched with iron and B vitamins, per the FDA’s Federal Standards of Identity.


    Taking Shape

    Zerega pasta shapes are made through a continuous extrusion process. Semolina and water are mixed into a dough and kneaded in an extruder, then sent through a die to create the shape. We can also change the surface appearance of the pasta; the dies can impart a rough, artisanal appearance or a smoother, translucent appearance depending on how they are equipped.

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Browse our many pasta varieties with this easy-to-use tool.
All specification data is representative of average application.

Long Good
Long Good
Short Good
Short Good
Egg Noodle
Egg Noodle

Browse our many pasta varieties with this easy-to-use tool.

For custom pasta that meets your requirements, or to learn more, please contact our sales team.

The First
is Still the Best

For nearly 200 years, Zerega’s sole focus has been on making the highest quality pasta. Our roots date back to 1848 when a French émigré, Antoine Zerega, opened the first pasta factory in America on the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York. Though our facilities are modernized, we continue Antoine’s sole focus on producing the finest pasta, and exemplifying quality, integrity, and service.

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French émigré Antoine Zerega opens the very first pasta factory in America on the Brooklyn waterfront.


Leadership transitions to Antoine's sons, Frank and John Zerega, and nephews Antoni and Edward Vermylen.


The company moves from its Brooklyn location at 28 Front Street to Fair Lawn, NJ.


Paul Vermylen guides the company from a small, regional pasta company into a leading national pasta producer.


Zerega expands by building a second pasta plant in Lee’s Summit, MO.


Zerega is acquired by industry-leading pasta maker Philadelphia Macaroni Company.



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