An American Original

Zerega meets the needs of America's most innovative food companies. For over 160 years we have focused solely on making high quality pasta for food processors, foodservice operators, and retail marketers of pasta.

Our roots date back to 1848 when a French immigrant, Antoine Zerega, opened the first pasta factory in America on the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York. Antoine and his sons Frank and John led the company from its early years until the 1930's when leadership transitioned to the sons' nephews, Antoni and Edward Vermylen. After WWII, a fourth generation, led by Paul Vermylen, guided the company as it grew from a small, regional pasta company into a leading national pasta producer.

Today, the fifth generation of the Zerega-Vermylen family, Antoine's great-great-grandchildren, lead a business built on the reputation for quality, integrity, and service set by their forefathers.