Food Service Operators

For foodservice operators, whether individual or multi-unit, Zerega is your best source for both the most popular and custom varieties of pasta.

All of our food service pasta is made with select, 100% durum semolina and designed specifically for food service applications.

We start by making the pasta a bit thicker so it withstands large volume cooking, refrigerated holding and re-thermalization. Then, when necessary, we add additional ingredients to further enhance the performance, flavor and nutritional profile of the pasta. Finally, we offer custom shapes of pasta to enhance the visual appeal of your dishes, adding excitement and variety to your menu, all at a cost that is competitive with standard pasta.

Zerega is your best source for the largest variety of pasta sizes and shapes in the industry. We offer a wide variety of specialty shapes like farfalle, orecchiette and tripolini, and enhanced nutrition varieties like whole wheat, whole grain, and high fiber.

Zerega Foodservice Facts:

  • Zerega serves all segments of the food service market, from quick serve to fine dining on the commercial side and from educational to healthcare on the non-commercial.
  • Every Zerega pasta is designed to withstand the rigors of food service preparation.
  • Whether it's a steam-table application or cooked-to-order, all Zerega products offer the consistent taste, texture, and appearance you need to maintain customer satisfaction in your operation.
  • We sell our products through a number of channels: direct, via distributors and through customized distribution systems.
  • We supply the market with both our Zerega brand and with private brands for leading food service distributors and marketing groups.
  • We provide an important link between operations that are unable to cook pasta on-site and processors who can provide individually quick frozen (IQF) pasta, or fully-prepared dishes.

Snapshot of Specialty Pastas for Foodservice Operations:

  • Long pasta including tripolini and egg fettuccine
  • Short cut pasta including radiatore, fusilli and orecchiette
  • Egg noodles including home-style kluski and pot pie squares
  • Nutritionally enhanced pasta including whole wheat and whole grain
  • Toasted pasta including orzo and vermicelli